White male can sell for 50 billion / kg but this type is extremely rare. The bar is as big as a beer can dropped into the water, if it is only halfway, it costs 8-10 billion VND, and only floating on the water, it costs 4-5 billion VND / kg.

Even the expert in the profession is difficult to distinguish the types of frankincense, men for price. Buyers and sellers are vague as if lost in the deep world.

The profession of making slings (fossils) has existed in Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province for hundreds of years but when we offered to learn about the types of agarwood, many fathers and owners shook their heads and clicked their tongues: “Too difficult! Outsiders certainly cannot “perceive”. People in the profession sometimes die … “.

Select bass by … experience
According to the experience of distinguished agony of Mr. Nguyen Van Tuong, Director of Khanh Hoa Agarwood Company, agarwood is hard, heavy, less fragrant, pale, bitter, spicy, fragrant; The south has lots of oil, is soft, has a nice smell. States men have 4 spicy, sour, sweet, bitter.

States men have 4 types “most transparent, second bar, tam sulfur, four black”, in which white States have white, soft and a lot of oil. The wonder is a bluish color, much oil is soft, less oil is hard. Huynh (royal) period has a yellow color like beeswax, hard and heavy substance, so it will be light after a long time of drying. Black periodically, solid substance.

Agents are very expensive but are always sought after

Frankincense is also divided into 4 categories: Agarwood (due to the ants that penetrate into that tree), agarwood produced by the roots, agarwood on the branches and agarwood in the trunk. In agarwood ants also distinguish blue ants, scallops, ants, hole ants, white ants … Agarwood is divided into cotton speed, water speed, gray speed, speed and speed, stone speed, chili speed, speed incense (general cover around the southern period, if more oil, the incense becomes the period) … In addition to mountain depression, there are 3 other types of agarwood, namely scrub, drill, island eye.

The theory is so but very difficult to distinguish. Mr. Nguyen Duy Tan, who lives in Phu Hoi 2 village, Van Thang commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province – a person with a senior age of a carrier for more than 20 years, shared: “Every time we dig a row, we often burn it and try it. Little children. If the smoke flies round, deep, straight – high then the period. When sip if you see bitter, less aromatic is bass; also concentration, numbness of the tongue, then know it is strange ”. Mr. Tan said that in 20 years of riding, only 1 time he won the period but only a few ounces. “Which I have to appraise is the period, then the middlemen to re-appraise it is also subject to” – Mr. Tan said.

All kinds of prices
Mr. Tan Ba ​​(63 years old, living in Phu Hoi 3 village, Van Thang commune) said: Before 1975, the young people from the village who returned home were selling frankincense to merchants who came from China or Chinese people in Saigon. Gòn. So far, China is still the traditional market of Wanning. Aggressive prices are unpredictable because they depend on their shape, texture, or emptiness, and traders often think of ways to squeeze prices.

Following the introduction of Mr. Ba, we found Mr. N.D.T, owner of the bass facility in Van Thang. At the beginning of the story, we asked the heathen if he told me if he could learn the apprentices, he smiled wryly: “Some of the people in the profession sometimes died, the pagan like how you guys can learn.”

According to Mr. T., white male can sell for 50 billion / kg but this type is extremely rare. The bar is as big as a beer can dropped into the water, if it is only halfway, it will cost 8-10 billion VND, and only float on the surface of the water, it costs 4-5 billion VND / kg – the same price with black period, fluorescence. There is little frankincense oil, so it is usually submerged.

Natural ants are also of great value


As a long-time professional, Mr. T. has a good reputation, many international customers order. However, Mr. T. does not always dare to take the goods of those who are carriers because of the low price, the period is very unpredictable. “Maybe I bought it at the price of frankincense, but my customers rated it a good profit. On the contrary, sometimes buying periodic prices but being told by partners is low … Therefore, if you want to “stand” with this job, you must have “experienced battle” and have a vision, otherwise you will lose your career “. – Mr. T. said.

According to Mr. T.’s lament, many of the missions he had to “sell” to the “god” in this country were T.K. With strong potential, only Mr. T.K can withstand the empty-handed holes and then get back to other big deals.

Information confidential
According to our research, T.K giant has a “castle” 4 fronts near Van Gia town (Van Thang commune). Learning about T.K is very difficult because this character is tight-lipped and mysteriously executed. However, when talking about T.K., no professional lady didn’t know because T.K played very well.

“States men are banned from trading, each trade is up to billions of dollars, if caught, both rich and rich will lose money, so the trade is very discreet. In addition, an unwritten rule of the people is that if they win a heavy harvest they hide as well as they will, never disclosing it, ”explained the spouse. Quan, if the wife is deprived of all the travel expenses, just go to her house and ask the “boss” to provide funds immediately. Mr. T.K did so the world admires him but that is actually the way that this giant lures effectively. Because when grateful, the rich lady “eat goods” will sell to T.K.when this giant presses prices or information about the south will be revealed.

(According to employees)

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