The most common way of inhaling incense with incense is by burning with charcoal, burning directly and using an electric furnace. These ways are all done quite simply and have their own advantages.

How to burst the house with incense
Agarwood is a fairly popular activity in religious ceremonies and special occasions such as festivals, worshiping, opening ceremony, housewarming. Frankincense used to burn houses is often used as types of frankincense powder, frankincense pieces, frankincense incense and shavings.

Frankincense powder is one of the popular ingredients for house burning

The way to house with incense is quite simple:

Sauce with charcoal: This is a traditional way of breathing bass that the ancients still applied when there were no specialized tools for breathing the bass. You can use a charcoal stove, fan to catch fire and then put incense directly on the charcoal fire. When incense meets the embers will burn up and give off a strong aroma.

Direct burning: This is commonly used today. Frankincense is placed in the agar tools: copper censer, copper top, ceramic or wood burner, then light the fire directly and cover. Frankincense will slowly burn and spread incense throughout your space through the vent.

Wood fumigation is commonly used for fumigation

Electrical hotplate: Electric bass furnace is an advanced product, bringing high efficiency for steaming. The way to burn incense with an electric furnace is also very simple: You put the incense in the metal tray, put in the oven and cover. Then plug in the power and adjust the temperature as you like. Frankincense will heat up and spread the fragrance throughout your space. In particular, the furnace body is heat resistant, does not get hot, so you can feel secure when using.

Why should the house with incense?
Taking incense from house with incense has many practical and spiritual meanings, making it a tradition from ancient times.

– Frankincense when emitting a soft fragrance, relaxing, spiritual comfort. Taking a deep bath during yoga or meditation will make it easier for you to achieve a more balanced state and better results.

– Gentle incense gently helps purify the air, remove odors, help your space become warm, pleasant.

– According to the spiritual concept, the bass also helps to dispel the sound, gas, attracting fortune to your home. That is also the reason that agarwood becomes an impossible thing in the opening, housewarming occasions …

The ways to burn incense with home above are simple and easy, right? Agarwood brings great benefits to your space. Therefore, do not forget to take the deepest especially during special occasions!

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