Frankincense Dat Quang comes from a household based business of frankincense. However, we are constantly developing and expanding. Along with the increasing market demand, in 2013, Dat Quang Huong Co., Ltd was officially born. The name of Frankincense in Quang Land is both a pride of the beloved Quang Nam region, the most famous place of incense in many countries.

Dat Quang Agarwood Co., Ltd is one of the big enterprises in Da Nang that specializes in providing natural products such as frankincense, feng shui, feng shui statues, incense sticks and incense, incense, frankincense essential oil and special incense.

Huong Quang Dat Quang specializes in providing high quality natural agarwood products

Since ancient times, frankincense has been praised for its wonderful benefits, not only in fashion, in health but also in spirit and spirit. Dat Quang incense was born as a bridge to bring customers the best natural products, to better serve the needs of customers.

Frankincense Dat Quang always strives to constantly improve product quality, develop brands and build trust in customers for their products and services. The trust and companionship of customers during the past time is a great motivation for us to continue developing and serving our customers better.

Thank you for trusting and choosing our products!