Each year, the income from frankincense of Mr. Truong Thanh Khoan (Phu Son, Tan Phu, Dong Nai) is up to tens of billion. His secret is to raise tens of thousands of ants to get the essence to create frankincense.

Farmer Truong Thanh Khoan’s house is located next to Highway 20 in Phu Lam 3 hamlet, Phu Son commune with the appearance of a mansion, exuding a sense of nobility. Just invited guests into the house, Mr. Khoan said: “Even to myself, I do not think that I have the opportunity to build a career today. Previously, my family lived in a shabby grade 4 house, always faced with poverty all year round. ”

“Subduing” ants to … create agarwood
Farmer Truong Thanh Khoan was born and raised in a poor farmer family, with many brothers and sisters. To help his parents with rice to support him, he soon had to drop out of school and follow local villagers into the forest to “hunt” incense. He said the job of finding agarwood is one of the hard jobs. Depressed people have to go through the forest, wade streams, go to the deepest places with glass and always face danger. Death, disease … are always lurking but if hit by incense, the loincloth’s rags will become giants, will have a regal life. Because of raising that hope, during the period from 1980 to 1997, Truong Thanh Khoan waded through the forests of Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc, Lam Dong, even to the central forests, to Laos to bass hunting.

He said: “During 17 years of searching for aquilaria, the result I gained was only small pieces of agarwood, which could not help me change my life. Thinking that I could not follow the hope in luck, I decided to dig up the available garden to plant frankincense. In 2000, I went to the forest to look for saplings (the kind used to plant frankincense) to plant and apply the skills I had to create agarwood on that tree. When the tree was large, the diameter of the stem from 10 to 15cm was when he began applying artificial agarwood methods by injecting chemicals into the stem but the result was just zero.

Mr. Khoan is among tens of millions of dong each of dried wood carpentry products

Not faltering at the failure, Khoan re-tinkered, finding new ways to create bass. He said: “When pumping ineffective chemicals, I switched to a mixture made from molasses, corn bran, coconut oil … to stimulate the process of creating agarwood in plants. This bio-product is safe and has an impact on agarwood formation in gourds but the results are not high. ”

He added, one day, he wandered in the garden when he found on the trunk of a tree that was carved into the nest by ants. The wood grain around the ant’s nest is glossy black oil like natural frankincense. Seeing that, Mr. Khoan immediately took a knife, scraped a small piece and burned it, the piece of wood gave off a sweet aroma. Since then, Khoan has been intending to “tame” ants to create aquilaria. Like a chance, Mr. Khoan immediately packed his belongings and went to the forest to “capture” the ants. After a month of traveling, Mr. Khoan brought back dozens of ants to raise and began creating aquilaria by the new method.

“Ants create substances that help the process of forming agarwood on that tree faster than any other method. However, if overused, raising ants on the tree, the effect of creating agarwood only reaches about 2-3%, ”he said. Khoan revealed that the ants ate the plants and created a liquid like molasses. This liquid, combined with preparations made from molasses, honey, corn bran, and coconut oil, will promote fermentation and produce probiotics. When this microbial preparation is injected into the wound on that tree, it must secrete an antibiotic to wrap the wound, antibacterial and this “interaction” is the condition that creates agarwood on that tree.

Mr. Khoan cheerfully said: “My probiotics can produce grade 3 – 4 while other chemical products only produce grade 5-6 (according to rank, type 1 agar is glossy black. , aroma like natural bass, high economic value, inferior quality 5-6 inferior quality should each about 2-3 million). Moreover, my probiotics have also contributed to shortening the time to create agarwood from 12-18 months to 6-9 months and the quality of agar has not changed ”. After many successful experiments, Mr. Khoan has applied the above way to produce 5 ha of molluscum soil with high efficiency.

Billionaire frankincense
With over 3,000 crops that are reaching the harvest age, Mr. Khoan is holding tens of billion dong in his hands. He said that microorganism preparations help the process of agglomeration in agarwood trees, the quality of agarwood belongs to types 5 to 3 so the average selling price is about VND 2 – 5 million / kg.

“There are no toxic chemicals created by me, so there are buyers who go there. Not only the domestic market, but also partners in Thailand, Sigapore, China, Japan … also go to the garden.” to order. Many famous doctors in the country also come to buy incense for medicine, ”said Khoan. Not only does he sell frankincense products by weight, he also makes them into ornamental plants, dried carpets for display. According to him, this product line is currently very popular and the price is not cheap. Each dry carpentry display with height from 1 – 1.5m is priced at around 20 million.

For trees with many agglomeration points, beautiful colors, and beautiful colors, the price is from 50 to 100 million. He said: “Dry wood agarwood has many times the value, so I often study how to shape the body. Currently, I am creating bass in the shape of a dragon and other “poisonous” positions to increase the value of the product “. In order to recover the sources of frankincense material, Mr. Khoan also conducted the construction of the distillation plant of agarwood essential oil. This is an essential oil used as medicinal herbs and for cosmetic industry costing from 5,000 to 10,000 USD per liter (about 100-200 million VND / liter).

Mr. Khoan said that, after chiseling and sorting of agarwood products, the inferior wood grain is inferior will be pureed and put into a distillation pot. This process is not only costly to produce but also removes redundant potting wood and distills high-value aquilaria essential oil. With these achievements, Mr. Khoan is cherishing the hope of disseminating inoculants produced by him to help farmers grow agarwood.

Preparations of microorganisms to stimulate the plants to create frankincense, which he extracted from the essence of ants combined with coconut oil, corn bran, molasses …

In June 2014, the “method of stimulating and preparing microorganisms to stimulate agarwood to create frankincense” by farmer Truong Thanh Khoan was certified by the National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology) invent. Previously, in 2012, his “stimulant for making agarwood” won first prize in Dong Nai Technical Innovation Contest in 2012. In 2013, “preparations stimulating that to create frankincense”. by farmer Khoan won the consolation prize of the 12th National Technical Innovation Contest (2012 – 2013). In 2014, Mr. Khoan was certified by the Vietnam National Office of Intellectual Property and Creative Affairs (Central of Vietnam Intellectual Property Association) as “Golden Cup title of reliable products, preferred brands and perfect services in 2014. ”.

(According to Minh Hau / Dan Viet)

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