Frankincense is a rare and valuable wood with economic value as well as spiritual meaning. However, the value of frankincense depends on the type of frankincense. Let’s categorize frankincense to know more about this rare and precious forest product!

Classification of frankincense
People often evaluate, rank and classify frankincense by color, aroma, hardness and softness.

First place is the male period
A kind of frankincense of the highest quality, with a lot of oil, light, soft, flexible, when tasting enough sour, spicy, bitter, sweet. Agarwood radiates a natural aroma, when burning a special aroma, green smoke, flies straight and long into the air.

Agents are very expensive but are always sought after

States men are divided into 4 categories:

– White: Ivory white, light gray, extremely rare, rarely, most expensive.

– Thanh thanh: The greenish-gray color, light green, very rare and expensive after the white period.

– Huynh Ky: Dark yellow, golden brown, rare and expensive after the period.

– Black: Indigo black, tar, precious and expensive after fluorescence.

Ancient books classified period: most Bach, second Thanh, tam Huynh, and Hac Black.

The second class is frankincense
Frankincense contains less essential oil, heavy, bitter taste, when burned create white smoke, fly around and dissolve.

Folk often classify incense as follows:

Agarwood is produced by tree roots, which are rare and of high value.

Aged ants have holes made by perforated ants before potting trees create agarwood (people have a saying: “the first time, the second ant” refers to the value of this kind of agarwood).

Ants are also of great value

Agarwood has many types:

– Green ants: from the conifer tree born, dark green, hard.

– Messages: softer, there are many forms.

– Needle ants: running small, smooth, like needle lines.

– Ants on the wall of the floor: the ridge is shaped like a floor, like a building with walls.

– Barbed ants: also known as old tree ants or his ants. Ants eat in the middle of the tree, running in the shape of a stick “male pole first he”.

– Ant holes: created by ants carved into holes in the intestine of that tree.

– Black ants: only deep bass at the two ends, gender is often referred to as weaver ant ha.

In the tree born, dense pieces, no holes.

Speed bracelet

Agarwood is divided into several types:

– Speed: light yellow, with veins shaped like a flower.

– Speed ​​of stone: black, dark, hard.

– Speedy bottle: black like soot and heavy.

– Speed ​​gray: gray as ash.

– Speed ​​water: soft, black shirt, light yellow, thin outside. After washing out, the water smelled of a gentle fragrance.

– Express chili: pungent smell, yellowish.

– Accelerated incense: light yellow, flowing with aroma, often surrounding the southern period, so there are many veins and the southern period.

– Speed ​​card: ants eat along the same pattern as the card.

– Speed ​​net: the lines are interlaced like a fishing net.

– Speed ​​float: has a round shape, like a net float, light yellow.

– Speed ​​tuna: looks like a concentric circle, gray like tuna meat.

– Skin speed: due to ants eat on the bark of that tree, each line is visible immediately on the skin.

Currently there is no regulation of the State or non-governmental organization on criteria for classification and evaluation of agarwood quality.

In the purchase and sale transaction, the classification of frankincense is mainly based on experiences, feelings and through direct human behaviors such as looking, touching, burning, tasting, smelling …

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