Maitreya Buddha is the absolute symbol of happiness and well-being. Maitreya Buddha statue made from skimmed wood adds more value and meaning. So where to put the Maitreya Buddha statue where to match feng shui?

A few things about the Maitreya Buddha statue
Skimmed wood is a precious wood, not only of high economic value but also of great spiritual significance. Therefore, this type of wood is often used to make high-class fine art products such as feng shui statues, genius, grandfather, hyacinth, table, chair, bed, cupboard, …

Skimmed wooden products of high economic value, used to decorate the home are both beautiful and luxurious, showing the level of homeowners. Moreover, people choose wooden statues or wooden tables and chairs, wooden cabinets because of their feng shui meaning. By skimmed wood, especially red skimmed wood is precious wood, aromatic, good durability and high spiritual value. When placed indoors (especially with feng shui wooden products), it is possible to eliminate evil spirits, bringing happiness, fortune and peace to family members.

Maitreya Buddha statue has a high economic and spiritual value

Maitreya Buddha image is a perfect sculpture of red skimmed wood. Maitreya Buddha is the absolute symbol of happiness in feng shui. It is believed that wherever Buddha goes there is happiness. In particular, Maitreya Buddha statue is made from skimmed wood, the more the value and meaning of the product is exalted.

Maitreya Buddha image often has a stout body, a big belly, barefoot, a mouth with a gentle, unending smile. Buddha’s majestic appearance, protective but still exudes friendly, close.

Maitreya Buddha statue is selected by many people as gifts for loved ones, feng shui gifts for the boss has just arrived, just meaningful, showing goodwill towards the recipient.

Location of Maitreya wooden Buddha statue is favorable
The display of the Maitreya Buddha statue according to certain feng shui rules will bring good fortune and peace to the homeowner. So where is the location of Buddha Maitreya Buddha’s prime site?

– Place the Buddha image opposite the main door: Many feng shui experts recommend placing a Maitreya statue at a height of about 1m, looking straight to the main door. good. If you do not have this ideal location, place your picture at a table next to the wall or in the farthest corner of the room, opposite the main door.

– Maitreya Buddha should be placed in the East of the house or living room to create harmony for the whole family and resolve troubles and conflicts.

– Place the statue in the southeast of the living room, reception room to increase your luck and fortune.

Placing a Buddha image according to certain feng shui rules will bring you good luck and peace

– Put on cars: For those who travel by car, especially for long-distance trips, placing Buddha statues in cars helps reduce anxiety, avoid accidents and attract fortune. Placing a Maitreya Buddha statue on a car also shows the master class and increases the elegance for the vehicle space.

– Placed on the desk will bring good luck, career advancement as well as reduce stress, fatigue at work.

– Place on the desk: You can place statues on the desk to increase concentration, inspiration and creativity, help achieve better learning results.

In short, the Maitreya Buddha statue has a high economic value as well as a spiritual meaning. Combined with the prime placement, the homeowner will receive a lot of luck, happiness, and peace.

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