For Vietnamese people, the use of agarwood is very modest. Medicinal properties are just cooking water like tea drinking daily to support the treatment of some simple diseases. In terms of fine arts, there is nothing special, just sculpted to make statues, some decorative products, jewelry manipulations, at most bracelets, rosaries. Most incense in Vietnam is used to make incense for aromatic. So why is agony so expensive?

Why is agarwood so expensive?
According to the research of GS-TS. Dinh Xuan Ba, the worldwide market for frankincense, is widely used across continents. The Middle East is the place to use the most incense because they like it. Muslims put incense on people like perfume.

Middle East people believe in the ability to eliminate the evil spirit of agarwood, so workers and engineers in the mines, oil exploitation and processing areas all use essential oil. Before work, they apply oil to the body. In addition, frankincense is used to preserve corpses, against decay and smell in very hot conditions of the Middle East. In short, for the Middle East, frankincense is a common, daily use, so it cannot be said to be expensive, or have a divine effect at all.

The European market uses frankincense in cosmetic manufacturing technology, especially perfumes. In expensive perfume jars of France indispensable frankincense, but frankincense essential oil is not the focus, but it is only a fragrance, which works to keep the scent lasting longer when used. So, a bottle of perfume only requires a few drops of frankincense essential oil. One plant, one year of use of insignificant frankincense. In the context of relatively abundant raw materials, but using so little amount of frankincense, there is hardly any reason for expensive frankincense.

Frankincense essential oil is used in perfume production technology in the West, but this is not the reason why agarwood is so expensive.

Taiwan, China used the South to make Chinese medicine, and what medicine they produced, the most knowledgeable men were not known. The Japanese market once had a movement of using soaked wine with male period, which the Japanese called “nam namuu” and using marinade flour soaked in chicken to bake, called “millet period”. Thus, the period of men is used in these markets is also very normal, nothing special, so it is hard to imagine that men are so expensive.

Several decades of research, GS. Dinh Xuan Ba ​​has a relatively complete database of active ingredients of aquilaria essential oil. The database of active ingredients from the prestigious research centers of the US, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, India … is not much different from the database of active substances he found. Based on the database of these active ingredients, we can see the effects and value of frankincense. However, the fact is that these bioactive substances are not of great value either.

Most of the biological active ingredients in frankincense also occur in the male period. Particularly male period, only a biological substance that Japanese scientists have just discovered, GS. Dinh Xuan Ba ​​has not been found.

Why is agarwood so expensive, and for Professor Dinh Xuan Ba, the value of agarwood is very modest

According to the website, in December 2001, scientists from Instilute of Natural Medicine, University of Toyama (Japan) bought 4.52g of male period (the best type of frankincense) of the Department of Science and Technology Khanh Hoa. Recently, the agency’s researchers found a new sesquiterpene with its structure and laboratory demonstration of its stimulating effect on the growth of BDNF’s “neuronal nourishment”.

According to Japanese scientists, this active substance has the ability to treat a number of diseases related to BDNF deficiency, causing people to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, autism, memory loss, Parkinson’s …

Recently, June 30, 2011, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced a new invention by four scientists at Taipei Medical University with the content: “Using extracts of bass bark to treat cancer ”.

These scientists have demonstrated that cucurbitacins can be isolated in the bark of agarwood and show the method of extracting the extract in the bark of agarwood to kill cancer cells, prevent and cure cancer.

In addition, Vietnamese scientists have also discovered the active ingredient mangiferin capable of directly destroying Herpes simlex virus, Sitomegalo virus, stimulating the body to produce interfevon, helping the body to increase the ability to fight diseases. Viruts origin. In addition, this active ingredient also works to lower blood sugar.

As such, these findings are very important, because they treat dangerous and common diseases. However, the active ingredients were discovered not in agarwood and agarwood, but in the bark and leaves of gourds. So potting bark and leaves must be more valuable than bass, isn’t it?

(According to Pham Song Diem / VTC News)

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